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Category: At the Table

Misfit Faith – At the Table With Jason Stellman

Earlier this month, NPR did a story on the phenomenon of Christians turning to podcasts to say things they can’t say in church.  While that headline initially makes you think of swearing or crude humor, what’s actually talked about are doubts, different answers or approaches to the usual questions, theology, mysticism, and all the wonderful, messy things that make us human.  And yeah, some swearing.  


At the Table with “Science Mike” McHargue


Ever read a book and have that feeling that someone else is telling your story?  You find yourself saying over and over again “No way, me too!” or “I thought I was the only one who thought that!”  Mike McHargue’s brand-sparkly-new book Finding God in the Waves did that for me, and I’m sure does that same for those who long for a faith that has room to breathe in open air of science and mystery.

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