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Lent – Week 5 Musings

Yesterday, I took our kids out for a hike to Morgan Falls.  It was a gorgeous spring day, complete with copious amounts of mud.  On the walk there and back, the little ever-inefficient humans kept jumping back and forth over the little melt streams in the road.  Needless to say, progress was…halting.

After the thirty-oddth time of saying “Let’s go, guys,” wanted to just get somewhere already, I realized my exasperation was echoing frustration that I was feeling from the Atheism for Lent course.  Five weeks in (!), and I’m ready to, well, arrive already.  So, as I was having one of those moments where several disparate things all of a sudden fall into place, I knelt down and grabbed the picture above, with everyone going in different directions.

Atheism for Lent is set up as a decentering practice, not necessarily a course of study.  You engage with the work of various thinkers, philosophers, and theologians with the premise of letting their work critique you, not the other way around.  Well, surprise surprise I was doing the latter, without even realizing it.  I was being continually pushed off-center, but I was trying to just find a different center, and that was causing the dissonance.  It took children not choosing a “center” part of the two-track to show me.

Life is kinda the same way, right?  It doesn’t really have a center, the anchor points shift over time, sometimes gradually and sometimes suddenly.  The joy is in the journey itself, hopping over melt streams, getting muddy, marvelling at 1″ waterfalls, and examining every third stick.

Peace and Tenacity,