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Lent – Week 6 Musings

As Day Fades to Night

Often, in the evening
As the day fades into night
And the night lifts her caliginous gaze
I’ll sit
Recline, really, feet propped up
Sideways on the couch
And I’ll take in the mystery
As a spectator, for I have no other choice
The dusking light makes its way up the trees
Branches unable to hold on to the retreating rays
Life is twilight
Now dawn charges in, brash and boisterous
Exploding the sky with the arrival of a new day
Or at times a muted entrance
But no less the signal –
The beginning of the routine
The grind
The possibility, yes,
And also the separation
But when the daylight fades
When the shadows grow
When the day is inevitably pulled from the world,
Or at least my part of it,
Another call is softly spoken –
It’s time to come home.