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On Peace and Protest

I gotta riff a little bit on the events today.

This morning, Melinda joined the throng downtown at the Women’s March.  I’ve never seen that many people assembled in protest in Marquette.  Maybe a few dozen at most, but when I drove by (honking with a raised fist, thoroughly embarrassing my daughter), there were hundreds.  It was an awesome sight.

I met her in town, transferred kids, and then I went to a meeting convened by the MI Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion.  The session focused on laying the foundation for building a hub for their work in the UP.  The project is called the Race2Equity Statewide Coalition, and it’s currently based in Flint, Detroit, Benton Harbor, and the UP.  The meeting was a great time of sharing, listening, and learning.

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” ~MLK

Peace is made, not kept.

Oh I’ve heard all the criticisms, “what did they accomplish?” “what would happen if they all prayed instead?” “they’re letting their feelings determine their actions.”  Of course, you could say that about Martin Luther and his 95 theses, Samuel Adams and his Tea Party, Annie Kenney and her fight for women’s suffrage, Rosa Parks and her defiance of injustice…

Peace is made, not kept.

We participated today to rise up and dig in.  Protesting the new president’s marginalization and demeaning of our brothers and sisters.  Protesting the normalization of his attitudes, whether truly held or just indulged in for attention.  Engaging local work that aims to reveal and undo systemic racism and inequity in our communities.  And let me be totally honest about something, this work would have happened if the other party had won, too.  Vocal critique and working for justice is a necessary part of being a citizen, full stop.  Because…

Peace is made, not kept.

Peace and Tenacity,