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I am a human exploring reality from the reference frame of Lake Superior’s southern shore.  I don’t label well, and neither does this blog (SEO be damned), but I mainly write around these three topics:

This blog was birthed from my journey into post-evangelical/emergent/progressive/what-have-you christianity.  It’s about questions, doubts, and what happens when your worldview crumbles down around you.  The journey’s only just begun.

I also write about adventures in minimalism, food, community, family, disc golf, and other odds and ends that comprise a life.

This encompasses the first two, but it’s more about stepping back and contemplating our humanity, existence, and being itself.

Also, I say “short riffs” for a reason.  My goal is to spark ideas and conversations, to stretch your thinking and maybe disrupt some embedded and unhealthy concepts.  Others have said these things far better than I, so I want to just riff on their themes combined with my thoughts and experiences, and let it go from there.

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