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Slow Down

This was originally posted in another blog I was experimenting with earlier this year.  I wanted to share it here, too.


I took this pic while on a hike up Sugarloaf last spring (2015). I had our youngest on my back, and the older two kept running ahead. After about the 15th time I yelled “slow down!” I realized the ludicrity of it. They’re growing up. Fast. They know how to follow a trail. They know I’m right behind them if they need help. They don’t need me to manage their moments anymore, and I think that’s where the rub is. As they move more and more into independence, I’m needed less and less, or at least differently. It’s as unfamiliar to me as it is to them, but I’m working to realize that my role as a father isn’t to yank on the reins, but to launch them forward as fast as they can handle.

“I think a father’s job, when it’s done best, is to get down on both knees, lean over his children’s lives, and whisper, ‘Where do you want to go?’”
– Bob Goff

Are we trying to apply the brakes too much? Maybe we should give in to our hearts and run around the next curve with reckless abandon. For me, I’m going to work on turning “slow down” into “wait up!”